Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Please take a few minutes and listen to my interview on Rob and Slim discussing my book DIRTY MONEY. The book discusses my time in Bostons Organized Crime world and how the ignorance and inability to adjust to the modern tactics of law enforcement lead to the death of the Mafia as we know it. The book also gives you insight into how to spot a scam before it happens and to help you see when someone's trying to take advantage of you and gives you options on how to make a profitable exit.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Joseph B Solans ATF informant running around commiting crime while working with the government. SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE

So this hunk of shit ATF informant Joseph B Solans got him self arrested for a home invasion that he happened to steal a registered .38 Smith and Wesson on camera and likeness looked like his year book photo, but he was never the smartest guy in the room so his home got raided. Once they found enough evidence to put him away for the habitual criminal charge that would carry 20 years they realized he briefly worked with me at a car dealership and asked him if he could wear a wire and set me up for some made up murder for hire plot the government orchestrated and coached Solans on how to get me to implicate myself on his body wire so they could get me for a crime that never was going to happen rather than arrest this junkie that they had dead to right for a home invasion. Hold on it gets better.

He attains his informant status and gets briefed on how to come at me to coax me to discuss a crime I knew nothing about nor would ever consider committing. So he came to me and asked me questions that immediately let me know he was a no good rat informant so I said I had no idea what he was talking about. This went on for about a year but all the while Joe Solans the informant was forging fake perscriptions for Oxy 30s every day for 180 pills a script. He got caught and arrested about 3 times while a ATF informant but they always got the charges dropped as long as he kept trying to imprison me he was A OK in their book. Oh and they looked past the 5 grams a day of heroin he main lined as long as he tried to get me to confess on tape to a crime I didn't committ he was ok. Finally after about a year of this complete and udder waste of tax payer money and government resources they realized he was lying about my involvement and would never get me on wire talking about this so they finally arrested him over 16 months ago for the Home Invasion but that now turned into a felon in possession charge that carries much less. The only problem now is that it's been over 16 months and this scum bag rat still hasn't been sentenced. It's a open and shut case so why the delay? Could old Joe the Junkie be testifying at some grand jury or should I say be lying to some grand jury while being coached by a government prosecutor?


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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dirty Money available through

My book about the Boston Mob is available through Here is the link. If you want to read how the real Boston mob works READ THIS BOOK.