Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whitey Bulger | Flying around town in a helicopter | Like P Diddy

Whitey Bulger was wisked to Logan airport today via a helicopter ride from Plymouth County Correctional Facility. The Coast Guard is reporting that the chopper cost about $13,500 per hour to the tax payers to operate. So if they used it for 6 hours today to fly the RAT Whitey to and from court, and of course he got to take a spin by the waterfront, that cost the taxpaer $81,000. It works out to almost 10% of the sack of loot that they caught Whitey with.

Why in the world are they flying this guy around like P Diddy? He has been in a private Jet last week now the chopper rides over the city. This is really crazy but no one seems to care. Where do they get his lunch from on court dates, Strega on the waterfront? He must have had a craving for some lobster being away for so long.

I think they U.S marshals should just get a bullet proof Bentley to take him to court in. Then he would really be living like a rap star.

I only got to go to court in the back of a van chained to 3 other jerks. I guess being a "friend" of the FBI still has its perks.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whitey Bulger | US attorney trying to get out from in front of Judge Wolf

The U.S attorney's office in Boston is up to its old tricks. They are now trying to dismiss the 1994 indictment of Whitey so they won't have to try the case in front of Judge Wolf. The reason behind this is simple. Judge Wolf knows all of the Governments tricks. He was the one that forced the FBI to disclose that Whitey was an informant. He is also the Judge that ordered a U.S Attorney to appear before him and sent the U.S Marshalls to go get him from his dentist appointment when he didn't show up.

This is the same Judge who signed the warrant to place listening devices in the home of Vinnie Federico's sister during the mafia induction ceremony way back when. He was lied to on that occasion also. They already had a rat (Sunny Mecurio) that was going to be present during the ceremony, therefore they never needed to bug the house but the government withheld that info. Which by the way is illegal and makes the taped conversations in admissible.

I have a funny feeling that Judge Wolf knows what is going on and he will not allow the case the dismissed. We will have to watch and see, but it gets better every day....

Whitey Bulger | Federal Court | Stall tactics

Whitey didn't seem like himself in court yesterday. Maybe it was the food at Plymouth County Correctional facility. I have been a guest there in the past and the food sure can take the smile off your face.

Usually this Rat has a good one liner all set up but yesterday he said nothing and wouldn't even look at reporters. Doesn't he know that the Boston media is only reporting his story? Come on Whitey, give us something to work with or at least shave that beard already. You got caught, no need to keep the disguise on. You look like a child molester. On second thought keep it on.

If you have a minute read this link. Kevin Cullen is a great reporter.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eddie Mckenzie's story becomes a movie | Whitey Bulger | Boston Mob

That nit wit Eddie McKenzie is getting his story told on the big screen. It will most likely be in english but still have english subtitles. This guy is permanently on tilt. I saw him on the local Boston Fox affiliate and you could tell he clearly took the short bus to school not to mention that his stylist loves Ed Hardy clothing and hopes that her client can afford it someday....

Hollywood is really running out of stories to tell. Maybe they can get retired boxer/junkie Peter McNeeley to play the part of McKenzie, although he may sound a little to intelligent for the part.

I had a run in with this jerk back in 2007 when he was trying to hold on to that church he's running into the ground. Now that's a story they should make a movie about.

Check out this link. Anyone can get a movie made about them.

Whitey Bulger | May consider helping John Connolly | Boston Mob

This Kevin Cullen artilce in the Boston Globe is great. I've been saying all along that Whitey may help that disgraced FBI agent John Connolly get that 40 year conviction in Florida overturned. Whitey must appreciate the fact that the FBI agent is the only one in his whole crew that kept his mouth shut.

Word on the street is that this John Connolly was a real piece of crap. He would arrest you and steal your watch and wear it your arraignment or he would steal your car and drive it around your town so everyone could see him in it. Not to mention all the money he must have pocketed during arrest or shakedowns. And why not, no one could do anything about it. If you made any noise he would have you arrested and if he couldn't do that he'd have Whitey kill you. Just another example of how the FBI is the Organized Crime in this country. It is sad though that some guys went to the FBI for help because they thought Whitey was going to kill them and they offered to rat him out for protection but the FBI told them they couldn't help them and then told Whitey what the guy offered to do and guess what happened next. You got it the old "two in the hat".... Another case closed by the Boston FBI office.

This story is the gift that just keeps giving. If I was an ex FBI agent from Boston that had my hand out when Whitey was giving out envelopes I would be on the next flight to Santa Monica. No on will think to look for you there.....

Monday, June 27, 2011

Whitey Bulger | Does not have the "IRISH CURSE" | Boston Mob

This Boston Herald ariticle says that Whitey's girl from years ago still loves him. That and the fact that Catherine Grieg hung around this ahole for 16 years makes me come to the conclusion that Whitey does not have the "IRISH CURSE". He must be 25% Italian.

Why else would these woman care for this homicidal maniac? It has to be the only answer. I'm sure the FBI has measured this from all angles. Read the article and tell me what you think.

Whtiey Bulger will take down more FBI agents | Boston Mob |

This talks about how people in South Boston think Whitey Bulger will rat out more FBI agents. It is odd how so many of these people from Southie still hold this dirtbag in such high regards. One woman talks about how he helped some poor sexually assaulted woman and her family move to Florida. He most likely had her assaulted because he wanted her apartment to sell drugs out of.

The thing I am looking forward to is the infamous "tapes". When Whitey first went on the lam some of his rat associates said whenever he met with the FBI he always recorded the conversations. These tapes should be worth their weight in gold and if you know how that RAT thinks, he has had them stashed away just for a time like this. I bet the FBI is scouring the country looking for those tapes right now. Maybe they will start offering $100,000 to the person that can tell them where they are. Maybe someone in Iceland will get another check from the FBI..... Iceland, thats a good one!


Finally someone is picking up what I'm laying down. This is a good story from today's Boston Herald.

Something smells fishy in Iceland......

Sunday, June 26, 2011

New England Mafia on the decline | Boston Mob

The Boston Herald briefly touches on a lot of what I say in my book about the New England Mafia and the Boston Mob.

It is all on it's way out. Click on the link and read a good article.

Mob interview with fox | Boston mob | Whitey Bulger

Check out this link. It is very informative.

My book about the Boston mob | Political Corruption | Whitey Bulger | Mitt Romney | Mafia

Please take a look at few chapters of my book. I am still having it edited so please take that into consideration.

This book will give you insight into the new face of Organized Crime in America and how the Mafia works hand in hand with political corruption.

Whitey Bulger | Boston mob boss | Getting Meds in Mexico

According to this link James Whitey Bulger crossed the border into Mexico frequently over his 16 years on the lam to get his medication. How did the Border Patrol not notice this guy? If you show and ID thats it. No one checks to see if that person even exists? If he looked like an illegal alien I'm sure they would have detained him until they checked his info.

A neighbor they interviewed said that they treated her like a granddaughter. How, by not choking her to death and cutting her hands off and then pulling her teeth out? This girl is lucky to be alive. If Mr. Gasko slipped up one day and said something in front of her he shouldn't have she would have been buried under some expressway in LA.

Whitey is thought of as Robin Hood in South Boston but he wasn't robbing from the rich to give to the poor. He was robbing from the rich and poor alike and getting Italian mobsters locked up. Oh and one more thing he was raping their daughters. He is a RAT BASTARD just like that genius John Red Shea said.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

John Red Shea the brains behind James Whitey Bulgers crew. Boston Mob

This interview on the FOX morning show is priceless. John Red Shea author of Rat Batard and former member of Whitey Bulgers crew was on Fox morning show and boy can he spin a yarn.

It is easy to see that Whitey's criminal genius rubbed of on this son of Southie. I cannot believe that this guy ever did one day in prison. He should have represented himself because if he did everyone on the jury would have killed themselves during his opening statement.

This is further proof that the FBI must have been helping Whitey during his time on the run or should I say when he moved to Cali.

People still think that Boston is an Irish town, just don't ask John Red Shea to spell the word "Irish" it could take a while. I wonder if he had a ghost writer....LOL

Mitt Romney and the Boston Mob

In this article Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney makes a couple statements about the capture of Whitey Bulger. Mitt is a very funny guy. I've spent some time with Mitt in 2004 and he should just keep his mouth shut when it comes to the Boston Mob before it comes up and bites him on the ass.

I won't say anything else about my relationship with good old Mitt but I will say that not long after I met with him I was appointed Director of Security for Hubbard Regional Hospital, a state owned hospital in Webster Ma. You may consider this job post odd considering I never applied for the position and I was released from federal prison for stealing alumni donations from Tufts University only months before, and the fact that I was on federal probation, but what the hell, he was Governor and he can do whatever he likes.

Like I said earlier Mitt should just keep clear of this Boston Mob and Mafia topic and hope that those wire taps of my cell phone back in 2004 never become public. Although I still can't figure out why the Mass State Police won't release them. Maybe Mitt Romney can get them released when he becomes President but I wouldn't hole your breath.

My book will be out very soon and you can all read the real story.....

The FBI says there is no Conspiracy on Whitey Bulger capture. They even Pinky Swore on it.

The FBI is now telling us that there is no conspiracy to the Whitey Bulger capture. Boy that sure makes me feel better. Talk about the agency that cried wolf. They lied to everyone for 30 years about Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemi and now they "pinky swear" that they are on the up and up and they are getting upset that you don't believe them. How foolish of us.

Whitey Bulger didn't go on the run 16 years ago, he friggin moved. He retired and wen't to the west coast to get some sun and who can blame him with the winters we have been having lately. I wonder if he is also responsible for Global Warming, well thats another story.

There has been a story floating around about some lady in Iceland, of all places, that called in the tip on Catherine Grieg. Now that story should be easy to track down, NOT.

The FBI has such a checkered past around Boston that if they told me it was raining outside I'd go look out the window just to make sure. The FBI is trying to change their image. I suggest they do what the KGB has done, just change your name. It almost worked for KGB and for Mr. Gasko, I mean Bulger.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Great story about Mass politics and the Mob

This is a Fox 25 story that they ran on yours truly. Let me know what you think about this guy Chris Rich. There is much more to the story and it is all in my book DIRTY MONEY.

Whitey Bulger and his brother William Bulger had Organized Crime down to a Science

Whitey and William Bulger had the state of Mass on lockdown. The dirtball rat Whitey got rid of all his adversaries by having the FBI arrest them or help him kill them, while his brother ran the state as Senate President with everyone scared to death to oppose him on any issue for fear of retribution from his brother.
These two jerks had organized crime down to a science. I wonder how much money this Boston Mob really took down from this State? I'm sure they left no stone unturned robbing both on the street and in the state house. This is how Mass Politics works. The only difference these days is that they are smart enough to know not to work with full time gangsters. They are aware that all modern day criminals have to portray themselves as legitimate hard working citizens and what better post than politician could help prove that.
I wonder how long it will take this state to finally figure out they are being dragged over the coals over and over.
I know this much, these politicians in this state are the new Mafia and they take their oath of OMERTA right inside the state house with cameras rolling. WHAT A COUNTRY.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Conspiracy theory: FBI's Bulger 'tip' fails sniff test
Boston Business Journal - by Pat Lawlor
Date: Thursday, June 23, 2011, 4:33pm EDT
Call me a conspiracy theorist. I'll wear the name as a badge of honor. But there is no way I am buying this FBI version of the events leading to Catherine Greig and James "Whitey" Bulger's arrest. Maybe my skepticism is rooted in my reading habits. I admit I have read waaaaay too many true crime-Boston gangstah books over the years. "The Brothers Bulger," "Black Mass," " Hitman," " Valhalla 's Wake." You name it, I read 'em all.
So, yes, my opinion might be tainted after reading pages and pages filled with criminals' version of events. But I bet many people are thinking the same thing. Something stinks.
After watching Thursday's law enforcement press conference/back patting fest ("I would like to thank the academy..."), I have concluded that what the FBI is telling us and what actually happened are two totally different things. So in the spirit of this amazing ongoing story that is already too incredible to believe, indulge me in what I think may have happened. You tell me what sounds more plausible.
My theory? Catherine Greig wanted to turn herself in.
Whitey is 81 and probably in bad health, and Greig has no future, is afraid of a long prison term and just wants this whole thing to be over. So maybe she reaches out to a lawyer in the Santa Monica area who reaches out to the FBI to see what kind of deal he can get her. Sound plausible? Ok.
The FBI's reaction?
"You can't turn yourself in, you are under arrest!" There is NO WAY the FBI was going to let her make a deal and walk into a police station all tanned and say, "I surrender, and here is Whitey." The FBI does not want to look stupid, especially in this case. So now, because of the overture of surrender, the FBI knows exactly where she and Whitey are living. Maybe the FBI even follows the lawyer around for a few days and he leads them directly to Whitey and Catherine's hideout. Who knows.
What we do know is that the FBI suddenly and without explanation starts calling press conferences and unveils a bull@^&$ commercial campaign targeting Catherine Greig. The FBI seemed to be in an awful hurry, all of a sudden, to catch Catherine Greig, didn't they? Why? Because she was trying to surrender and the FBI could not let that happen. It was a race.
So they come up with this lame commercial campaign, knowing that a real tip would probably come in from Southern California . What would usually be a needle in a haystack tip, could now be hand picked and used as the real tip. You follow me?
A couple of problems for the FBI now. They were too cute by half. You see, the FBI didn't run these commercials in the LA area which includes Santa Monica . They made sure to state that a few times already. Why would they not run the commercials in LA? It makes no sense whatsoever, none. They did it to cover their own tracks so they can say, "We didn't know where she was, see we didn't even run the ads in the LA area." Its crap. Why would they run ads all over California and other handpicked areas and not LA? The FBI said in Catherine Greig probably had numerous plastic surgeries. Guess what guys, there are a few plastic surgeons in Los Angeles .
And since the FBI doesn't have to answer anyone's questions, we all just have to swallow this story. I am sure the FBI will soon tell us that they cannot reveal the identity of the person who came forward with the tip, in order to protect their safety and this will all be forgotten. But not by me. This case is different. The FBI is involved criminally in it so we can't look at it like any other case. I want real answers and detailed explanations. What I don't want and will not accept is this: "Oh we suddenly decided to run some commercials in California , but not LA, and someone called us and told us where Catherine and Whitey were living" story. Sorry, its not passing the sniff test.
Maybe my version is not the truth, but I know one thing, it's more plausible than the crock the FBI is selling.


Whitey Bulger the infamous RAT fugitive was caught earlier tonigh in Santa Monica Ca. The no good rat is 81 years old. The FBI and Boston police must packing their bags as we speak. I wonder what Billy Bulger is doing right now.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This is a very funny article. These organized crime members, or as you like to call them "POLITICIANS" really think that we are ignorant. They break laws every day and we are supposed to believe that they will be afraid of a new "rule". Think about it, its ridiculous. The Reps in Mass are the new Boston Mafia, they make Whitey Bulger look like an idiot. They are smart enough not to committ murder and they never have to go on the lamb because no one cares. Unless of course you are Sal Demasi and you stepped on the wrong guy on your way to the top.

I wonder what the penalty will be for "not snitching"? Maybe the guilty party will have to eat lunch from only the salad bar in the State House cafeteria, or have to pay for parking for a whole week. That last one seems a little harsh, sorry I suggested it. Another point is how can they prove someone broke this rule? The whole thing is designed to help improve public opinion.

I say they should bring back the CORRUPT MIDGET Billy Bulger and make him Governor then get Ex Boston Mafia Boss CARMEN (THE CHEESE MAN) DENUNZIO to run for Speaker of the House. That way both the Italian and Irish Mafia will both be happy. Forget the Crips and the Bloods in Dorchester and Roxbury, they have already had a good run with CADILLAC DEVAL, and 10 years from now we will get a LATIN KING in there because by then all the ILLEGAL ALIENS will be granted citizenship as long as they register as DEMOCRATS.

The "SNITCH RULE" is a joke and will NEVER BE USED. If a MASS POL tells you its raining out, you better go look out the window to make sure. THE ONLY RULE THEY LIVE BY IS THIS, THE VOTER IS DUMB!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fictional Whitey hunt by author and Rat Kevin (two) Weeks

If you have a second please read this story about Kevin (two)Weeks. He is the rat that was Whitey Bulgers 2nd in command. This guy still looks up to his old rat boss and why shouldn't he. He only lasted 2 weeks after he got arrested before he decided to "help" the government. He ratted on "rouge" FBI agent John Connely. He most likely tells people he only ratted on a FED, so its no big deal. If he lived by the street code he would understand that he should have killed the FED if he had a problem with him and not let the government take care of his problems. Whitey is still a legend in South Boston because he only put Italians away. They seem to forget the fact that he raped all their underage daughters and sisters but then again they are all Irish down there and I'm sure thats not a big deal.

Read the story, its sad that people would come out and listen to this RAT.