Saturday, June 25, 2011

John Red Shea the brains behind James Whitey Bulgers crew. Boston Mob

This interview on the FOX morning show is priceless. John Red Shea author of Rat Batard and former member of Whitey Bulgers crew was on Fox morning show and boy can he spin a yarn.

It is easy to see that Whitey's criminal genius rubbed of on this son of Southie. I cannot believe that this guy ever did one day in prison. He should have represented himself because if he did everyone on the jury would have killed themselves during his opening statement.

This is further proof that the FBI must have been helping Whitey during his time on the run or should I say when he moved to Cali.

People still think that Boston is an Irish town, just don't ask John Red Shea to spell the word "Irish" it could take a while. I wonder if he had a ghost writer....LOL