Thursday, March 6, 2014


Far be it for me to kick a guy when he's down but in a couple days this guy will be six feet under ground so what the hell.

Please understand that this was the worst kind of person on the planet. He lied, filed a false police report, stole from his customers and had me imprisoned for a crime I did not commit just to mention a few things. Let us not forget that he was caught on wire tap asking me to have the Georgetown Country Club Super Bowl square pool robbed at gunpoint on Super Bowl Sunday with all of the customers there but lets move on.

I know a lot of you people are going to read this and think that I am a bad person for putting down a dead guy but I really don't care. Karma finally caught up to him. He died disbarred from the board of bar overseers (don't let that medical leave of absence fool you). He was about to be disbarred for life for what was on those wiretaps. He died with everyone in Georgetown knowing what he was really all about thanks to that Fox 25 investigation that aired a few years ago and he never won another election after it aired so it really is all poetic justice.

He portrayed himself to be a lawyer, a man that would do anything for anyone, and the pillar of the community and he was none of those things. This guy gave me over $400,000 to invest and when things got a little tough he went to the police and lied to them and told them I stole his money. I ended up going to trial, losing and getting 6 years in prison. Then I found proof that my phone was tapped by the Mass State Police during this whole time and those taps not only proved that I was innocent of the crime he accused me of but they also showed that Chris Rich was a criminal and greedy no good SOB.

Do yourself a favor and don't cry any tears for this guy. He sure wouldn't do it for you.

Photo courtesy of the Nights of Columbus.