Monday, June 4, 2012


When I got out of federal prison in 2004 I was working with the well know JERK and soon to be disbarred attorney Christopher C Rich. This WANNA BE GANGSTER had a lot of friends in high places and one of them happened to be the "Honorable" Superior court Judge Bonnie Macleod. These two had a very odd relationship that involved sleep overs if you get my drift.

One day Chris comes into my office and asks me if I would mind driving the Honorable judge to and from work for the next couple of weeks because her driver was on vacation and she is legally blind. I told him that I did not think it was a good idea because I was on federal probation and I was on record with the FBI as a mob associate but he said he told her all about me and she could care less. After all most of these people I met through this jerk Chris Rich thought they were above the law, so why would she care. And so it began, for the next two weeks I would pick up Judge MacLeod at her home in Wakefield and drive her to work at Salem Superior Court.

The first couple times I drove her she did not say much but after that she opened right up and asked me all kinds of questions about prison life and how it felt to commit a crime and did I know this guy or that guy and did I really do time with John Gotti Jr and things like that. She seemed like a real Mafia groupie to me but it was all harmless and she seemed like a decent enough lady. I would never tell her anything that really mattered anyway.

The thing that got me upset though was when I picked her up one day with Chris Rich in the car with us, the car happened to be a 2003 Cadillac Escalade BTW straight out of the Soprano's, I heard for the first time conversations that every defendant that ever was is afraid of. They spoke about cases and made deals about peoples lifes like they were trading baseball cards. "I'll give you this guy for that guy" kind of things, not to mention that Chris Rich had a big lawsuit going against the Georgetown Country Club in another court but she told him exactly how the judge was going to rule in his case a month or so before the judge even ruled.

As a defendant you always wonder if there are back room deals or conspiracy's going on behind your back and after listening to these two let me tell you that I know FOR A FACT that it does go on and they love the power they wield over regular jerks like you and I.

I'm sure that when Chris Rich wanted to set me up that he made a call to Judge Bonnie MacLeod. I got convicted of a crime that I never committed. They had no evidence and I knew the fix was in but thank GOD unknown to any of them my phones were tapped and my conviction got overturned because the taps proved that I did not commit the crime that Chris Rich said I did.

I'm still fighting for the taps and when I get them I'm sure you will hear the "honorable" Bonnie MacLeod on them telling me "I'm ready to be picked up".....

What a crazy world isn't it? I was under investigation for drug dealing and bookmaking while on federal probation and I'm driving around a superior court judge. Massachusetts really is the craziest state in the Union...

You can read a more detailed version of this story in my book DIRTY MONEY, due out in October. There are several stories like this that you will not believe.