Friday, May 18, 2012


You have to take a second and read the story about this EX DA that was telling a 17 year old girl that he can help keep her boyfriend out of jail if she "helps" him. What a loser this guys is and it all happens inside the courthouse.

I wonder why this story hasn't gotten more press. THIS GUY IS A RAPIST AND HE'S DOING IT WHILE GETTING PAID WITH YOUR TAX DOLLAR...

FALL RIVER (AP) - The case of a former prosecutor accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl in a courthouse conference room is in the hands of a jury.
The jurors in Fall River Superior Court are scheduled to resume deliberations Friday after weighing the evidence for about two hours Thursday.
Peter Joseph Costanza, a former prosecutor with the Bristol district attorney's office, is charged with indecent assault and battery and public corruption for allegedly forcibly kissing and groping a 17-year-old girl and telling her he could help keep her boyfriend out of jail in August 2008.
Costanza's lawyer says his client is the victim of a conspiracy, and the girl tried to frame him by coming on to him. The now 42-year-old Costanza testified that he had consensual physical contact with the teen.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Have you ever heard of Dr. Richard Shemin? How about Dr. Steve McColgan? If you have not don't worry, once my book comes out you will hear plenty about these guys. Both of these Dr.'s were good friends with disgraced attorney Christopher Rich when I was "working" with him. They were such good friends with him that they asked him if they could invest in our enterprise. When I say "our enterprise" I apologize that I cannot be more specific but it is for obvious reasons.

Dr. Richard Shemin of UCLA is regarded as one of our country's leading heart surgeons according to UCLA and he also likes to supplement his income with some very risky investments. Me being one of them. He and Dr. Steve McColgan of Bellflower, CA gave Chris Rich $100,000 each to "invest" with me. They knew what we were up too and they were all for it. All they wanted was to increase profits and they both actually needed tutoring on how to spend all the cash. Between the three of these guys, Rich, Shemin and McColgan they put up over $350,000 in a matter of days to "invest". McColgan and Rich were the only two that ever asked me to cause physical harm to people that they were involved in legal battles with. I never followed through with anything like that but I want you to know what kind of people these are. They are all supposed to be the pillars of our community and they all have gotten their hands very, very dirty.

A good story about Dr. Shemin, one day I was late getting to his office to give him his monthly interest payment and when I got there I was ushered into his office like the times before but this time he was in surgery. He came barging in the office covered in blood and he told me that he "stepped out"of the surgery to come collect his money from me. Imagine the poor slob on the table getting heart surgery and this jerk leaves him there to come grab an envelope stuffed with cash from me. I guess he watched the Soprano's one too many times.

Dr. Shemin and Dr. McColgan went right along with Chris Rich when he lied and told the police I stole his money, so if you ask me they are as guilty as he is. They all sat by and said nothing while an innocent man (me, Joe LaFratta) was tried and convicted for crimes they all knew I did not commit. This is two Dr's and a disbarred attorney that did this. If you think criminals are only in bad parts of the city or that they all wear gang colors you should try and remember that two of the biggest criminal I have ever met, and I've met plenty, wore Dr's scrubs and lived in big houses and were given awards for their deeds.

This story and many more are told in vivid detail in my book "DIRTY MONEY". If you can't wait for it to be published I am attaching a link to 8 chapters you can read online. If you do read it please leave a comment. All these stories are true. What a country

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