Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm sick of hearing the word RACISM

This story in the Boston Globe tells the story of a Harvard class President that was running down the street with his hat on backwards past 4 white young white guys and the white guys yelled something like "why are you running, did you steal something?" and the author goes on to tell us how racism is alive and well in this country.

I am so sick of hearing stories like this. Listen I'm not saying that there are not white people out there that don't hate black people for no good reason, but we all agree that those people are ignorant. What I am saying is that if you went around and polled all white people and all black people and asked who felt more intimidated around a group of the other race I guarantee you that the white people would be of the higher percentage. If this situation was reversed and I was in Roxbury running past 4 young black kids I have a far better chance of getting shot than this kid had of getting his poor feeling hurt. Why is it that every single black comedian in this country can tell every joke they want about white people and no one seems to care. God forbid one white comedian tells a joke about a black person. The world would be all over him and Al Sharpton would be outside his house with a crowd of people demanding an apology. There is racism out there but reverse racism is far more common these days in my opinion.

Maybe these young white guys were just referring to the fact that blacks make up 13% or so of the U.S. population but make up about 40% of the prison population. Maybe that is why they think he stole something. I'm not saying that is right but you cannot have it both ways.

The guy that wrote the article is a class President at Harvard, the President of the United States is black and we still have to hear about racism. Why is it that every time someone has something negative to say about Obama they are labeled a racist? Slavery was terrible, no question about it and it never should have happened in this country. That said, I'm Italian and my family moved to this country in the 1920's. Not one of my ancestors ever owned a slave so I don't think I should have to live in a perpetual state of apology just because I'm white. There was affirmative action and black people have every opportunity to get ahead in this country as white people and in some cases they have more opportunities.

Please understand that I am NOT A RACIST I am just sick and tired of hearing about it. Why am I supposed to feel like I did something wrong just because I'm white. Remember one thing there will NEVER EVER be a CET (Caucasian entertainment television) station on cable. Why? racism, just not the kind you read about in the news paper.