Monday, December 17, 2012

Massachusetts judicial system is the worst in the country

Read this story and see for yourself how screwed up the MA judicial system is. This is only one story. How many innocent people went to prison because of this bitch? How much tax payer money is going to be paid out to those people that were wrongly convicted and how much will be spent on re opening their cases?

When you consider cases like these, Whitey Bulger, Joe Salvati and my own along with countless others it goes to show you that the death penalty should never be an option. If the government killed one innocent person then the whole concept is wrong.

Try and read between the lines in this Boston Globe story and tell me what you think.


Former state chemist Annie Dookhan, who triggered a crisis in the state’s criminal justice system that has set convicted drug dealers free and may cost tens of millions of dollars to fix, is facing a 27-count indictment, Attorney General Martha Coakley’s office said today.

Annie Dookhan leaving a Boston court hearing in October (Josh Reynolds/AP)
Dookhan, 34, of Franklin, who allegedly mishandled evidence she was supposed to test at a state drug lab, has been indicted by a grand jury on 17 counts of obstruction of justice, as well as 10 other charges, including tampering with evidence, perjury, and falsely pretending to hold a degree from a college or university, prosecutors said.
Dookhan had previously faced criminal charges in Boston Municipal Court. Those will be dropped and the prosecution of the former Department of Public Health employee will now shift to Suffolk Superior Court.
Dookhan is to be arraigned Thursday in the Boston courthouse.
“We allege that Annie Dookhan tampered with drug evidence and fabricated test results on multiple occasions,” Coakley said in a statement. “Her alleged actions have sent ripple effects throughout the criminal justice system. We are committed to working with all stakeholders to fix this situation and restore trust in the criminal justice system.”
Dookhan worked for the DPH from 2003 until she was fired by the Patrick administration earlier this year. Prosecutors, defense attorneys, and the judicial system have estimated her alleged illegal activities may have undermined as many as 190,000 cases that were prosecuted during her career.
Prosecutors, the Committee on Public Counsel Services, municipal governments and social service agencies have estimated they will need tens of millions of dollars to deal with the increased caseloads, increased supervision of released defendants, and legal fees stemming from the scandal.
According to Coakley’s statement, Dookhan allegedly “dry labbed’’ seized drugs, falsely certifying that she performed the required testing of seized suspected contraband when, in fact, she had not tested, but had merely made a visual examination.
Dookhan also allegedly tainted samples by mixing substances she knew were illegal drugs with samples she knew did not contain illegal substances. She also allegedly forged the initials of a supervisor on reports in an attempt to cover up her misdeeds, prosecutors allege.
Dookhan occasionally would testify in court as an expert witness and is facing the perjury charge for claiming under oath that she held a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Massachusetts, when records show she never even enrolled in a master’s program.
These charges are allegations, and the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty, prosecutors said.
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


This Massachusetts drug lab story should be getting a lot more press than it is. I cannot believe that there is not more public outrage over this mess. How many innocent people went to prison? How much tax payer money is going to spent on re opening these cases, on top of the original amount of trying them. The numbers would be staggering to say the least. Not to mention the amount of wrongful conviction lawsuits that will soon be pending against the state.

How in this day and age does something like this happen? How is there no oversight? This Dookhans answered to no one and no one checked her work. This is outrageous and no one really seems to care. Yes they made a spectacle of arresting her and it was to lead story on the 6 o'clock news that night but other than that people aren't saying much.

If you are ignorant enough to think that prosecutors had no idea that something was wrong then you really see the world through rose colored glasses. The prosecutors didn't care what was going on. All they care about are convictions. The truth is does not matter.

For this to happen in this day and age is remarkable to say the least.

This story really shows you what the court system is all about and if you believe it to be an isolated incident then you are a fool and have a good shot at becoming a state employee. Do you think there may be other lab employees that have cut corners? I'm sure of it. The only good thing to come out of this whole mess is that they whole lab system is sure to change and I'm sure it will have plenty of oversight from now on.

When all is said and done I'm guessing that this will cost the state of Massachusetts about 500 million when you add it all together and that is going to come right out of the taxpayers pocket.

Keep voting democratic and hoping things change but think how can something change when you don't do anything differently.

We are all sheep being led to the slaughter.

Have a good day and I hope the LAW ENFORCMENT MAFIA does not kick down your door today!

To think this one little cross eyed bitch could cause so much trouble...........

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The (former) Lawyer Chris Rich had the oddest requests. Joe LaFratta

In 2004 when I was released from federal prison I started working with the lawyer Chris Rich in his Salem office. I got the job because he owed a friend of mine a favor and I had to have a job to get out of the half way house I was in. As soon as I started working with him he asked me over and over to do illegal things for him. At the time he was in the middle of lawsuit with the Georgetown Country Club and HATED the owner of the place Dr. Peter Wojtkun. He used to ask me every other day if I could send a couple guys to give him a beating. I never did of course but I told him I needed 5 grand to give to my guys....LOL. This is the kind of guy that Chris Rich is and he was lawyer and an officer of the court at the time.

He really is piece of garbage. If I did half the things he wanted me too I would have gotten the electric chair by now. One day he called me and asked me to come to his house on the first hole of the Georgetown Country Club. He said it was very important. I showed up at his house and he gave me a license plate number and told me he wanted the guys thumbs broken. Apparently the guy cut him off while they were driving on the highway and I guess he figured no one could cut him off and get away with it. Imagine that. Break his thumbs...LOL what is this 1920? What a jerk.

Chris Rich is such a stuck up asshole. He actually asked me to rob the Georgetown Country Club of its Superbowl betting pool. He said there was over $40,000 there at the time. Now understand he did not want me to break in at night and steal the money, he wanted me to go in guns blazing and stick the place up. What a good guy huh? Who knows how many members would be there and who knows what could happen in that situation? He just does not care about any of those things. He hated the owner and he wanted revenge, END OF STORY.

His father Frank Rich and his brother Brian own the company NATIONS RENT out of Florida. It is a fortune 500 company and Chris is the black sheep of the family. He owes everyone in his family large amounts of money and has no intention of paying them. Thats the kind of guy he is.

The best part is that he keeps running for elected positions in the town of Georgetown and keeps losing. If it was anyone other than him it would be sad but he deserves everything he is getting. He cannot stand anyone and he is the cheapest guy you will ever meet. He is mad at a nickle for not being a

If you are ever in the town of Georgetown MA and you see that big yellow barn at 292 Andover St. you may have a hard time not throwing up. He designed it and it is the ugliest home I have ever seen. The whole town thinks its an eyesore.

I recently heard that they are having a GRAND JURY on him. Apparently he commited a few crimes when he filed false police reports and commited bank fraud against Eastern Bank. I would not testify against him, not because I care about him in any way, I just don't believe in doing things like that to your friends or your enemies but he is surely going to get some jail time out of all of this. The best part about it all is that he did all this to himself. He got himself disbarred, he got FOX 25 to follow him around and run a special about what an asshole he is and he is the one that is putting himself in PRISON.




Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm sick of hearing the word RACISM

This story in the Boston Globe tells the story of a Harvard class President that was running down the street with his hat on backwards past 4 white young white guys and the white guys yelled something like "why are you running, did you steal something?" and the author goes on to tell us how racism is alive and well in this country.

I am so sick of hearing stories like this. Listen I'm not saying that there are not white people out there that don't hate black people for no good reason, but we all agree that those people are ignorant. What I am saying is that if you went around and polled all white people and all black people and asked who felt more intimidated around a group of the other race I guarantee you that the white people would be of the higher percentage. If this situation was reversed and I was in Roxbury running past 4 young black kids I have a far better chance of getting shot than this kid had of getting his poor feeling hurt. Why is it that every single black comedian in this country can tell every joke they want about white people and no one seems to care. God forbid one white comedian tells a joke about a black person. The world would be all over him and Al Sharpton would be outside his house with a crowd of people demanding an apology. There is racism out there but reverse racism is far more common these days in my opinion.

Maybe these young white guys were just referring to the fact that blacks make up 13% or so of the U.S. population but make up about 40% of the prison population. Maybe that is why they think he stole something. I'm not saying that is right but you cannot have it both ways.

The guy that wrote the article is a class President at Harvard, the President of the United States is black and we still have to hear about racism. Why is it that every time someone has something negative to say about Obama they are labeled a racist? Slavery was terrible, no question about it and it never should have happened in this country. That said, I'm Italian and my family moved to this country in the 1920's. Not one of my ancestors ever owned a slave so I don't think I should have to live in a perpetual state of apology just because I'm white. There was affirmative action and black people have every opportunity to get ahead in this country as white people and in some cases they have more opportunities.

Please understand that I am NOT A RACIST I am just sick and tired of hearing about it. Why am I supposed to feel like I did something wrong just because I'm white. Remember one thing there will NEVER EVER be a CET (Caucasian entertainment television) station on cable. Why? racism, just not the kind you read about in the news paper.

Monday, June 4, 2012


When I got out of federal prison in 2004 I was working with the well know JERK and soon to be disbarred attorney Christopher C Rich. This WANNA BE GANGSTER had a lot of friends in high places and one of them happened to be the "Honorable" Superior court Judge Bonnie Macleod. These two had a very odd relationship that involved sleep overs if you get my drift.

One day Chris comes into my office and asks me if I would mind driving the Honorable judge to and from work for the next couple of weeks because her driver was on vacation and she is legally blind. I told him that I did not think it was a good idea because I was on federal probation and I was on record with the FBI as a mob associate but he said he told her all about me and she could care less. After all most of these people I met through this jerk Chris Rich thought they were above the law, so why would she care. And so it began, for the next two weeks I would pick up Judge MacLeod at her home in Wakefield and drive her to work at Salem Superior Court.

The first couple times I drove her she did not say much but after that she opened right up and asked me all kinds of questions about prison life and how it felt to commit a crime and did I know this guy or that guy and did I really do time with John Gotti Jr and things like that. She seemed like a real Mafia groupie to me but it was all harmless and she seemed like a decent enough lady. I would never tell her anything that really mattered anyway.

The thing that got me upset though was when I picked her up one day with Chris Rich in the car with us, the car happened to be a 2003 Cadillac Escalade BTW straight out of the Soprano's, I heard for the first time conversations that every defendant that ever was is afraid of. They spoke about cases and made deals about peoples lifes like they were trading baseball cards. "I'll give you this guy for that guy" kind of things, not to mention that Chris Rich had a big lawsuit going against the Georgetown Country Club in another court but she told him exactly how the judge was going to rule in his case a month or so before the judge even ruled.

As a defendant you always wonder if there are back room deals or conspiracy's going on behind your back and after listening to these two let me tell you that I know FOR A FACT that it does go on and they love the power they wield over regular jerks like you and I.

I'm sure that when Chris Rich wanted to set me up that he made a call to Judge Bonnie MacLeod. I got convicted of a crime that I never committed. They had no evidence and I knew the fix was in but thank GOD unknown to any of them my phones were tapped and my conviction got overturned because the taps proved that I did not commit the crime that Chris Rich said I did.

I'm still fighting for the taps and when I get them I'm sure you will hear the "honorable" Bonnie MacLeod on them telling me "I'm ready to be picked up".....

What a crazy world isn't it? I was under investigation for drug dealing and bookmaking while on federal probation and I'm driving around a superior court judge. Massachusetts really is the craziest state in the Union...

You can read a more detailed version of this story in my book DIRTY MONEY, due out in October. There are several stories like this that you will not believe.

Friday, May 18, 2012


You have to take a second and read the story about this EX DA that was telling a 17 year old girl that he can help keep her boyfriend out of jail if she "helps" him. What a loser this guys is and it all happens inside the courthouse.

I wonder why this story hasn't gotten more press. THIS GUY IS A RAPIST AND HE'S DOING IT WHILE GETTING PAID WITH YOUR TAX DOLLAR...

FALL RIVER (AP) - The case of a former prosecutor accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl in a courthouse conference room is in the hands of a jury.
The jurors in Fall River Superior Court are scheduled to resume deliberations Friday after weighing the evidence for about two hours Thursday.
Peter Joseph Costanza, a former prosecutor with the Bristol district attorney's office, is charged with indecent assault and battery and public corruption for allegedly forcibly kissing and groping a 17-year-old girl and telling her he could help keep her boyfriend out of jail in August 2008.
Costanza's lawyer says his client is the victim of a conspiracy, and the girl tried to frame him by coming on to him. The now 42-year-old Costanza testified that he had consensual physical contact with the teen.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Have you ever heard of Dr. Richard Shemin? How about Dr. Steve McColgan? If you have not don't worry, once my book comes out you will hear plenty about these guys. Both of these Dr.'s were good friends with disgraced attorney Christopher Rich when I was "working" with him. They were such good friends with him that they asked him if they could invest in our enterprise. When I say "our enterprise" I apologize that I cannot be more specific but it is for obvious reasons.

Dr. Richard Shemin of UCLA is regarded as one of our country's leading heart surgeons according to UCLA and he also likes to supplement his income with some very risky investments. Me being one of them. He and Dr. Steve McColgan of Bellflower, CA gave Chris Rich $100,000 each to "invest" with me. They knew what we were up too and they were all for it. All they wanted was to increase profits and they both actually needed tutoring on how to spend all the cash. Between the three of these guys, Rich, Shemin and McColgan they put up over $350,000 in a matter of days to "invest". McColgan and Rich were the only two that ever asked me to cause physical harm to people that they were involved in legal battles with. I never followed through with anything like that but I want you to know what kind of people these are. They are all supposed to be the pillars of our community and they all have gotten their hands very, very dirty.

A good story about Dr. Shemin, one day I was late getting to his office to give him his monthly interest payment and when I got there I was ushered into his office like the times before but this time he was in surgery. He came barging in the office covered in blood and he told me that he "stepped out"of the surgery to come collect his money from me. Imagine the poor slob on the table getting heart surgery and this jerk leaves him there to come grab an envelope stuffed with cash from me. I guess he watched the Soprano's one too many times.

Dr. Shemin and Dr. McColgan went right along with Chris Rich when he lied and told the police I stole his money, so if you ask me they are as guilty as he is. They all sat by and said nothing while an innocent man (me, Joe LaFratta) was tried and convicted for crimes they all knew I did not commit. This is two Dr's and a disbarred attorney that did this. If you think criminals are only in bad parts of the city or that they all wear gang colors you should try and remember that two of the biggest criminal I have ever met, and I've met plenty, wore Dr's scrubs and lived in big houses and were given awards for their deeds.

This story and many more are told in vivid detail in my book "DIRTY MONEY". If you can't wait for it to be published I am attaching a link to 8 chapters you can read online. If you do read it please leave a comment. All these stories are true. What a country

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The crook Christopher Rich is running for another elected official position

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I guess it is true that some people will really never learn.

Disgraced and disbarred attorney Christopher Rich of Georgetown MA is running for another elected official position in town. You may remember that FOX UNDERCOVER aired the story of him being caught on wire tap asking an "alleged" mob associate (me) to rob the Georgetown country club and discussing a number of other crimes he wanted committed on the day of the town Assessors election that he was running for. He lost in a land slide but what the hell, that was way back in May of 2011.

I'm sure he figures the voting public has forgotten all about that. This jerk really is living in his own world. He swears that he did nothing wrong and that the State police were wrong in saying it was him on the wire taps. The Mass State police don't get things like that wrong you idiot.

This is the same guy that had me convicted of stealing and cashing his checks when I never stole a single one of them. He gave them to me and he must have been robbing clients funds and got caught so he tried to put the blame in my lap. What he didn't know was that my phone had been tapped and the taps proved that he not only gave me the checks and had me cash them but that he was a criminal and all around bad guy.

He was a lawyer but he was about to be disbarred for some of his wrong doings but he did the smart thing and took a MEDICAL LEAVE OF ABSENCE rather than be disbarred. This guy is the scum of the earth. DO NOT BELIEVE ONE WORD HE SAYS. I can't believe he has the balls to run for another elected position. Keep your eyes and ears open because there are going to be a few more stories about this jerk in the upcoming months and you will see exactly what kind of guy he is. If you did not get a chance to see the Fox undercover story when it aired I will add the link. Or you can just google "Christopher Rich, civic leader or greedy criminal". Greedy criminal is the perfect description for this guy.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


WELL, WELL, WELL. A local bookmaker and FBI informant, as shocking as that may be, has helped the FBI pinch a local Mass State Trooper for extortion. This is a great story. Read it and let me know what you think. Maybe this Trooper just has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to his strenuous job. I'm sure the PAID LEAVE HE WILL BE PLACED ON WILL HELP WITH THAT.....LOL

State Trooper facing extortion charges

BOSTON (AP) — A Massachusetts state trooper has been charged with extortion after allegedly going into business with a bookmaker who was working as an FBI informant.

Authorities say John Analetto beat and repeatedly threatened to kill the informant after loaning the informant about $24,000 to pay off debts to loansharks. In exchange, Analetto allegedly demanded a percentage of the informant's gambling business. An FBI agent says in an affidavit that Analetto also threatened to kill one of the informant's bettors.

Analetto was arrested Saturday in Belmont.

He is due to make an initial appearance in federal court this afternoon. He is charged with collection of extensions of credit by extortionate means.

Read the complete story in Wednesday's Daily Item.