Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eddie Mckenzie's story becomes a movie | Whitey Bulger | Boston Mob

That nit wit Eddie McKenzie is getting his story told on the big screen. It will most likely be in english but still have english subtitles. This guy is permanently on tilt. I saw him on the local Boston Fox affiliate and you could tell he clearly took the short bus to school not to mention that his stylist loves Ed Hardy clothing and hopes that her client can afford it someday....

Hollywood is really running out of stories to tell. Maybe they can get retired boxer/junkie Peter McNeeley to play the part of McKenzie, although he may sound a little to intelligent for the part.

I had a run in with this jerk back in 2007 when he was trying to hold on to that church he's running into the ground. Now that's a story they should make a movie about.

Check out this link. Anyone can get a movie made about them.


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