Friday, March 11, 2011

Fatal shooting by Boston police | no wrong doing |

The Boston Globe had an article about an incident that happened over the summer in which the Framingham police raided a home and shot and killed a grandfather while he was laying face down on the ground following police instructions. Let us not even get into the fact that it was not even the suspect of the raid but concentrate on the fact that the Middlesex County DA's office has found that no wrong doing was done by the offficer and that he will be kept on PAID leave, until further notice.

The reason that he did no wrong was because, and get this, he tripped and when he tripped he tried to place his hand on the wall and his rifle went off and shot the grandfather in the back and the fact the he immediatly yelled for help after killing him. That's right "he tripped". So if you even find yourself in a situation that you just have to shoot someone that is lying face down with their hands out infront of them just calmly say that you have tripped and you should be ok.

One more thing, don't forget to yell for help, however it is better to do this after you make sure the victim is dead or else help may actually arrive in time. I will provide a link so you can further study up on how to kill people just like the police do!