Wednesday, November 2, 2011


FOX UNDERCOVER is reporting on a story that 3 day spa's in the Boston area were providing "sexual favors" for tips.

Not really a blockbuster story until they dropped this bomb. I guess the client list has come out and low and behold, it is loaded with police officers, local politicians and prominent men in the community. They also have some proof that police ignored several complaints about these establishments. I WONDER WHY???

I love stories like this. I wonder how many of the officers were on duty when they got their "HAPPY ENDING" on your tax dollar? I bet the only tip they gave out was to not arrest the women for what they just did to them.

The LAW ENFORCMENT MAFIA runs this country and if you are not part of it they consider you a sucker. I'm sure the only reason they even busted these places was because the FBI got involved. The local cops will have to go back to raping prostitutes to satisfy their sexual needs.

I'm sure you will be hearing that some of these poor officers are just sex addicts and that they have been placed on PAID LEAVE. I really hope they can get some help for their disease.... LMAO

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot more tickets written out in the next few weeks. The police in these towns are not going to be as relaxed as they have been....