Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Law does not apply to everyone | Essex county DA |

In 2009 I was convicted of robbing disgraced attorney and Georgetown planning board member Christopher C. Rich of over $200,000. After serving 7 months of my 6 year sentence I found exculpatory evidence that my phones were tapped and that Chris Rich was on these taps talking to me about crimes he wanted to commit. The DA withheld this information and when the judge heard it he overturned my conviction and ordered me a new trial.

What I am wondering is this. Why hasn't the DA's office prosecuted Christopher C. Rich for any number of things he did that were against the law. He filed a false police report, he committed perjury on the witness stand a number of times and he also sued Eastern bank fauduletly and won? He won the case against the bank because I was convicted of stealing his checks even though evidence found later proved the checks were given to me.

I sure as hell know what would have happened to me if I committed any of these crimes. The one against the bank is actually bank fraud if you think about it. However, he is friends with the Essex County DA and several judges in the state so I guess the LAWS DO NOT APPLY TO EVERYONE.

Believe me, I don't think anyone should go to jail but If the courts are going to portray themselves as society's moral compass they should go after people that actually commit crime. This guy was a lawyer so he should have a pretty good understanding of the laws that he broke.

One more point I would like to make. Christopher C. Rich still has a license to carry a firearm in this state. How does that happen? He is on wire tap with an "alleged" member of organized crime (me) plotting crimes against innocent people.

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After watching the link if you would like to know how you can become a member of the LAWS DON'T APPLY TO ME CLUB you can call the ESSEX COUNTY DA'S OFFICE IN SALEM MA AT 978-745-6610 and ask for application.