Thursday, July 7, 2011

Casey Anthony gets 4 years | Public Outraged |

I understand that people are upset that Casey Anthony got found NOT GUILTY and that they are upset with the Judicial system. What I don't understand is how these same people don't seem to care when the Judicial system CONVICTS some poor bastard of a crime he didn't commit.

Let's take Joe Salvati for instance. Joe was given the DEATH PENALTY for a crime he didn't commit and the government knew he didn't commit but tried him anyway. The DEATH PENALTY was abolished in Mass before the government could actually pull off its premeditated murder of Mr. Salvati but the poor bastard still ended up doing 27 years before he was released from prison.

He only got out because they actually could prove that the FBI with held exculpatory evidence in his case that proved he had no idea that the murder happened and was nowhere near the crime scene. And this was after years of losing appeals and the government repeatedly calling him a "mobster" when they were the ones in bed with the real homicidal maniac James Whitey Bulger.

This woman was found NOT GUILTY by a jury of her peers and that's that!

The system works but only if you own a fortune 500 company. The rest of us have NO SAY IN THE MATTER. DEAL WITH IT!