Monday, July 18, 2011

Mass DA's spending in all the wrong places

This is another fine example of Massachusetts DA's spending their budgets in all the wrong places.

This poor grandfather did what anyone with any balls would have done and cracked the guy in the head with a bat because he was molesting his granddaughter. Where is the crime in that? And the grandfather had already called the cops.

The DA's offices throughout Mass have been saying for a while that they don't have a big enough budget and that the DA's don't make enough money.

Well if they stopped prosecuting cases like this maybe they would have a little more money to spend on real crimes. I personally don't care if this grandfather hit this guy over the head or not. They guy raping the underage girl should get hit in the head with a bat because he sure isn't going to feel any pain when he goes to court. This state is still very lenient on these types of cases.

If you have a free minute today give this DA Michael O'Keefe a call and tell him how you feel about this. Their # is 508-362-8113 and please tell him you're a friend of mine.