Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FBI's arrest of Whitey Bulger publicity stunt | FAST AND FURIOUS | SHOULD MAKE YOU FURIOUS

In the FBI's long history of making bad decisions this has to be the worst. Forget about Whitey Bulger and Hoover wearing a dress. This trumps them all.

These morons actually thought it was a good idea to spend tax dollars on guns and give them to drug dealers so they could track them. Let us mull that over for a moment. I'm no criminologist but I think when you give a drug deal a high powered weapon most of the time someone gets hurt or killed and that is exactly what happened.

I honestly believe that the reason the FBI finally "found" Whitey Bulger is so they could divert some of the bad press from this story and have people talking about Whitey. Forget that rat Whitey, this story should make you FURIOUS WITH THE FBI. Your money paid for this mess and now they are trying to block the investigation.

I think they feds need to hire a PR guy....