Monday, June 27, 2011

Whtiey Bulger will take down more FBI agents | Boston Mob |

This talks about how people in South Boston think Whitey Bulger will rat out more FBI agents. It is odd how so many of these people from Southie still hold this dirtbag in such high regards. One woman talks about how he helped some poor sexually assaulted woman and her family move to Florida. He most likely had her assaulted because he wanted her apartment to sell drugs out of.

The thing I am looking forward to is the infamous "tapes". When Whitey first went on the lam some of his rat associates said whenever he met with the FBI he always recorded the conversations. These tapes should be worth their weight in gold and if you know how that RAT thinks, he has had them stashed away just for a time like this. I bet the FBI is scouring the country looking for those tapes right now. Maybe they will start offering $100,000 to the person that can tell them where they are. Maybe someone in Iceland will get another check from the FBI..... Iceland, thats a good one!