Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whitey Bulger | US attorney trying to get out from in front of Judge Wolf

The U.S attorney's office in Boston is up to its old tricks. They are now trying to dismiss the 1994 indictment of Whitey so they won't have to try the case in front of Judge Wolf. The reason behind this is simple. Judge Wolf knows all of the Governments tricks. He was the one that forced the FBI to disclose that Whitey was an informant. He is also the Judge that ordered a U.S Attorney to appear before him and sent the U.S Marshalls to go get him from his dentist appointment when he didn't show up.

This is the same Judge who signed the warrant to place listening devices in the home of Vinnie Federico's sister during the mafia induction ceremony way back when. He was lied to on that occasion also. They already had a rat (Sunny Mecurio) that was going to be present during the ceremony, therefore they never needed to bug the house but the government withheld that info. Which by the way is illegal and makes the taped conversations in admissible.

I have a funny feeling that Judge Wolf knows what is going on and he will not allow the case the dismissed. We will have to watch and see, but it gets better every day....