Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This is a very funny article. These organized crime members, or as you like to call them "POLITICIANS" really think that we are ignorant. They break laws every day and we are supposed to believe that they will be afraid of a new "rule". Think about it, its ridiculous. The Reps in Mass are the new Boston Mafia, they make Whitey Bulger look like an idiot. They are smart enough not to committ murder and they never have to go on the lamb because no one cares. Unless of course you are Sal Demasi and you stepped on the wrong guy on your way to the top.

I wonder what the penalty will be for "not snitching"? Maybe the guilty party will have to eat lunch from only the salad bar in the State House cafeteria, or have to pay for parking for a whole week. That last one seems a little harsh, sorry I suggested it. Another point is how can they prove someone broke this rule? The whole thing is designed to help improve public opinion.

I say they should bring back the CORRUPT MIDGET Billy Bulger and make him Governor then get Ex Boston Mafia Boss CARMEN (THE CHEESE MAN) DENUNZIO to run for Speaker of the House. That way both the Italian and Irish Mafia will both be happy. Forget the Crips and the Bloods in Dorchester and Roxbury, they have already had a good run with CADILLAC DEVAL, and 10 years from now we will get a LATIN KING in there because by then all the ILLEGAL ALIENS will be granted citizenship as long as they register as DEMOCRATS.

The "SNITCH RULE" is a joke and will NEVER BE USED. If a MASS POL tells you its raining out, you better go look out the window to make sure. THE ONLY RULE THEY LIVE BY IS THIS, THE VOTER IS DUMB!