Friday, June 24, 2011

Whitey Bulger and his brother William Bulger had Organized Crime down to a Science

Whitey and William Bulger had the state of Mass on lockdown. The dirtball rat Whitey got rid of all his adversaries by having the FBI arrest them or help him kill them, while his brother ran the state as Senate President with everyone scared to death to oppose him on any issue for fear of retribution from his brother.
These two jerks had organized crime down to a science. I wonder how much money this Boston Mob really took down from this State? I'm sure they left no stone unturned robbing both on the street and in the state house. This is how Mass Politics works. The only difference these days is that they are smart enough to know not to work with full time gangsters. They are aware that all modern day criminals have to portray themselves as legitimate hard working citizens and what better post than politician could help prove that.
I wonder how long it will take this state to finally figure out they are being dragged over the coals over and over.
I know this much, these politicians in this state are the new Mafia and they take their oath of OMERTA right inside the state house with cameras rolling. WHAT A COUNTRY.