Saturday, June 25, 2011

The FBI says there is no Conspiracy on Whitey Bulger capture. They even Pinky Swore on it.

The FBI is now telling us that there is no conspiracy to the Whitey Bulger capture. Boy that sure makes me feel better. Talk about the agency that cried wolf. They lied to everyone for 30 years about Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemi and now they "pinky swear" that they are on the up and up and they are getting upset that you don't believe them. How foolish of us.

Whitey Bulger didn't go on the run 16 years ago, he friggin moved. He retired and wen't to the west coast to get some sun and who can blame him with the winters we have been having lately. I wonder if he is also responsible for Global Warming, well thats another story.

There has been a story floating around about some lady in Iceland, of all places, that called in the tip on Catherine Grieg. Now that story should be easy to track down, NOT.

The FBI has such a checkered past around Boston that if they told me it was raining outside I'd go look out the window just to make sure. The FBI is trying to change their image. I suggest they do what the KGB has done, just change your name. It almost worked for KGB and for Mr. Gasko, I mean Bulger.