Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fictional Whitey hunt by author and Rat Kevin (two) Weeks

If you have a second please read this story about Kevin (two)Weeks. He is the rat that was Whitey Bulgers 2nd in command. This guy still looks up to his old rat boss and why shouldn't he. He only lasted 2 weeks after he got arrested before he decided to "help" the government. He ratted on "rouge" FBI agent John Connely. He most likely tells people he only ratted on a FED, so its no big deal. If he lived by the street code he would understand that he should have killed the FED if he had a problem with him and not let the government take care of his problems. Whitey is still a legend in South Boston because he only put Italians away. They seem to forget the fact that he raped all their underage daughters and sisters but then again they are all Irish down there and I'm sure thats not a big deal.

Read the story, its sad that people would come out and listen to this RAT.