Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Whitey Bulger | May consider helping John Connolly | Boston Mob

This Kevin Cullen artilce in the Boston Globe is great. I've been saying all along that Whitey may help that disgraced FBI agent John Connolly get that 40 year conviction in Florida overturned. Whitey must appreciate the fact that the FBI agent is the only one in his whole crew that kept his mouth shut.

Word on the street is that this John Connolly was a real piece of crap. He would arrest you and steal your watch and wear it your arraignment or he would steal your car and drive it around your town so everyone could see him in it. Not to mention all the money he must have pocketed during arrest or shakedowns. And why not, no one could do anything about it. If you made any noise he would have you arrested and if he couldn't do that he'd have Whitey kill you. Just another example of how the FBI is the Organized Crime in this country. It is sad though that some guys went to the FBI for help because they thought Whitey was going to kill them and they offered to rat him out for protection but the FBI told them they couldn't help them and then told Whitey what the guy offered to do and guess what happened next. You got it the old "two in the hat".... Another case closed by the Boston FBI office.

This story is the gift that just keeps giving. If I was an ex FBI agent from Boston that had my hand out when Whitey was giving out envelopes I would be on the next flight to Santa Monica. No on will think to look for you there.....