Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whitey Bulger | Flying around town in a helicopter | Like P Diddy

Whitey Bulger was wisked to Logan airport today via a helicopter ride from Plymouth County Correctional Facility. The Coast Guard is reporting that the chopper cost about $13,500 per hour to the tax payers to operate. So if they used it for 6 hours today to fly the RAT Whitey to and from court, and of course he got to take a spin by the waterfront, that cost the taxpaer $81,000. It works out to almost 10% of the sack of loot that they caught Whitey with.

Why in the world are they flying this guy around like P Diddy? He has been in a private Jet last week now the chopper rides over the city. This is really crazy but no one seems to care. Where do they get his lunch from on court dates, Strega on the waterfront? He must have had a craving for some lobster being away for so long.

I think they U.S marshals should just get a bullet proof Bentley to take him to court in. Then he would really be living like a rap star.

I only got to go to court in the back of a van chained to 3 other jerks. I guess being a "friend" of the FBI still has its perks.