Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mitt Romney and the Boston Mob

In this article Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney makes a couple statements about the capture of Whitey Bulger. Mitt is a very funny guy. I've spent some time with Mitt in 2004 and he should just keep his mouth shut when it comes to the Boston Mob before it comes up and bites him on the ass.

I won't say anything else about my relationship with good old Mitt but I will say that not long after I met with him I was appointed Director of Security for Hubbard Regional Hospital, a state owned hospital in Webster Ma. You may consider this job post odd considering I never applied for the position and I was released from federal prison for stealing alumni donations from Tufts University only months before, and the fact that I was on federal probation, but what the hell, he was Governor and he can do whatever he likes.

Like I said earlier Mitt should just keep clear of this Boston Mob and Mafia topic and hope that those wire taps of my cell phone back in 2004 never become public. Although I still can't figure out why the Mass State Police won't release them. Maybe Mitt Romney can get them released when he becomes President but I wouldn't hole your breath.

My book will be out very soon and you can all read the real story.....